Retirement Review

Most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do planning their retirement. What I do is

help retirees:

Protect the money they cannot afford to lose!

Share in Market Gains!

Generate Lifetime Income!

4 Step Process simple and easy

1. Determine your Retirement Budget

2. Create your Personalized plan for Retirement Pay Checks and Play Checks and maximize Social Security

3. Plan for Long Term Care

4. Leave a Legacy

Retire Stress Free

By Avoiding market losses and generating a guaranteed retirement paycheck, My Clients are able to focus on living in retirement stress free.

Doing the activities, they want to do, spending time with family and friends, all while not worrying about their money.

Annuity Re-Finance

With Interest Rates rising so have Annuity Rates, Benefits and Features.

If you own an annuity older than 5 years you may be eligible to refinance your annuity and receive valuable new rates and benefits.

Guaranteed Retirement Account

New retirement account features available if you qualify.

Guarantee your retirement against market loss while still growing your account!

Guarantee your retirement Income- FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

When to take Social Security?

Having a plan could help you get thousands more from Social Security.

Let me help you get the most out of your Social Security plan.


George put together a plan so I can delay taking Social Security and still have guaranteed lifetime income.

Connie R – Realtor

I was so afraid of the market I was in CD’s never realizing that inflation was killing me- George and his team have me now growing my money with never losing it.

Laura C – Homeowner