About George

Hello, my name is George McFadden, and I have spent the last 25 years working with hundreds of financial advisors all over America helping them create retirement plans for their clients.

I represented some of the largest and most respected investment and insurance companies in the financial services industry. What I learned is that most financial advisors do a great job of helping their clients accumulate assets.

Traditional financial planning is built on a business model of “fee based” asset gathering.
Gathering client assets and charging a fee (typically 1%) to manage those assets.

Some of these national advisors even advertise that they are a “fiduciary”, and they only make more money when you – the client makes money.
What they don’t tell you is that these strategies are exposed to “market risk” and you can LOSE money!
Most also do not even offer “Retirement Protection” or a “Guaranteed Retirement Paycheck” to their clients who are near, at or in retirement.

Clients in the Retirement RED Zone want and need Protection and Guarantees which these advisors typically do not offer.

Traditional financial advisors offer up a balanced 60/40 (equities/bonds) asset allocation model as the benchmark for the average client which has historically performed well until 2022– where BOTH equities and Bonds saw unprecedented losses- The portfolios were down 25%-30%!

Additionally, most fee based financial advisors use a 4% retirement income rule for their clients who are in retirement and are taking distributions for income. Again, this has worked, however this strategy requires the market to grow to be optimally successful, and when the market does not the client either must take less or find other sources of income.

I saw a HUGE gap in what retirees need and what is being offered.

Retirees want.

  • Growth with protection- DO NOT LOSE THEIR PRINCIPAL!
  • A retirement paycheck that is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

My primary mission is to work with clients who want to RETIRE STRESS FREE!